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Arabic Coffee Pot

أخبار المنتجات

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Arabic coffee pot

What is an Arabic coffee pot?

Dallah is a vessel used in making and serving Arabic coffee. It is made of red or yellow copper

A glimpse into the history of the state

In the past, the kettle was made of brass, either yellow or red, and red copper was the best, but yellow brass was also distinguished by its quality, and the kettle was distinguished by the luster of the copper color. The best old types of Dallah

The clue and its names

Al- Hasawiya , as it appears from its name, is the bucket that was made in Al-Ahsa, and it is one of the oldest buckets that were used in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Qurashi , which was made in Makkah, and is attributed to the Quraish tribe, and was distinguished by its high quality and spread in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it was manufactured from good raw materials and in different shapes

Al- Hijaziya , which is made in the Hijaz, and was famous for the quality of the materials and the distinctive shape, so people began to buy it and it was known throughout the Kingdom.

Al- Hailiya , which is made in Hail and was distinguished by high quality and precision in manufacture, so it was known as the most beautiful auctioneer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Al-Baghdadiyah is an Iraqi dallah made in Baghdad, and its use has spread in Iraq and the Gulf region in general

Hummus , a Syrian dallah made in Homs, spread in Syria at the beginning and then moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its price is lower than the aforementioned types of dallah, so it spread more and was present in every house inside the Kingdom

Al- Assaf , which was made in Korea from stainless steel, and the need for it arose after the bucket needed to go to its maker to shake it every few months so that the taste of the coffee would not change, so the Assaf pot was known to be more practical in use, It is not worn, but replaced every period with a new one

The Omani dallah is similar to the Quraish dallah, except that its inscriptions are varied

Jifna is a bucket that is made in pottery bowls and filled with embers

  Dallah Raslan
, which is one of the most famous dallahs, which was manufactured in the Levant, and Raslan’s children after him made the Dalal, after which factories appeared imitating Dalal Raslan, but the original ones are still sealed with the seal of Raslan and are still present until now, in addition to the spread of Dalal Ruslan imitations too

  Dallah Ibrahim , who is one of Raslan’s sons, and on Dalal Ibrahim you will find Ibrahim Raslan’s seal, and it is still sold in auctions, and its price reaches thousands of dollars

The names and usage of the dallah vary according to its sizes

The cooker is the one that is placed on top of the coals and hot water is placed in it, and it is the largest bucket in the whole group, and it is distinguished by its weight so that it can cook the coffee well and bear the heat of the coals for a long period of time

The refinery is a medium-sized bucket into which coffee is fed after part of the hot water is transferred to it

Al-Mubhara , which is through which spices are added to the coffee, so that cardamom and saffron are placed in its bottom, and then coffee is added to it, and it is lighter in weight than the cooked dallah

Al-Mazlah is the kettle in which coffee is served to guests. It is characterized by its small size, light weight, and elegant shape