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The Art Of Decoupage

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The art of decoupage

What is the art of decoupage?

It is an art in which old paper is used to form artistic paintings, and this art is characterized by being easy, as simple and old adhesives can be used, and you can obtain beautiful artistic paintings and work on them

Where is the art of decoupage known?

The art of decoupage was known in China in the twelfth century BC, and then spread to France in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

The pieces that decoupage art can be applied to

A piece of furniture with a new appearance, such as vases, boxes, ceramic dishes, etc., which acquires an artistic appearance similar to handcrafted work, and can be applied to many different surfaces such as wood, cardboard, metal, or pottery.

The art of decoupage is famous for three models

Decoupage composed of clippings: which are pasted on pictures or furniture to simulate other paintings

Montage: It means coordinating pictures, files, postage stamps, or advertisements to create a work of art, which can be placed on murals, or on frames, and then polished with varnish.

Collage: It is intended to combine several pieces of any materials such as wooden pieces, shells, or souvenirs in a specific order according to the artist’s taste to produce an artistic painting that may be embodied on a wooden box and decorated with shells or precious stones and strings.

Types of paper used for decoupage art

Wrapping papers printed with multiple graphics to suit several tastes, annual calendar papers, colorful magazine pictures

Decoupage products

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