Akafi.Art Photo Blog | An interview with craftswoman Faten Taha

An Interview With Craftswoman Faten Taha

لفاء مع حرفي

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Craftsman Fatenah Taha

Mastering the art of embroidering on canvas

She embroiders on fabrics, makes different shapes and drawings out of it, and prepares a complete set consisting of a dress for women for prayer, a cover to preserve the Holy Qur’an, and a prayer rug
I mentioned that many craftsmen who possess this talent were unable to complete it because of their inability to market their products and their lack of experience in electronic marketing.
She mentioned that they need financial support and marketing for their products
And she thanked the founder of the Acafi Art company, Mr. Abdel Kafi Al-Abbo, for having purchased many of their products in the previous exhibition and displaying their products on our handicraft platforms.