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Interview With Craftswoman Lina Lababidi

لفاء مع حرفي

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Fine artist, Linia Lababidi

The arts that I mastered are the art of decoupage, resin and drawing

She started 8 years ago by drawing paintings, then she started painting on wood, and then she learned resin, and even paint on glass, and she started with it because it was a talent she had, and she learned decoupage through educational courses, and she combined it with the art of drawing, which is her main talent, and she learned the art of Resin and merged all of these arts
And her first goal is to reach the largest existing group, and her second goal is to teach and spread this art, and as she said, the most important thing is the art of drawing.
She provides courses in the art of drawing, resin and Russian roses
However, she faces difficulty in selling her products outside the city in which she lives, as she does not have a commercial registry and does not have experience in electronic marketing
They need to support artisans by marketing their products and highlighting them